How Wide Is A 55-Inch Tv?

A 55-inch TV may seem like a large television, but how wide is it really? The width of a 55-inch TV can vary depending on the make and model of the television. However, the average width of a 55-inch TV is around 47.9 inches.

This means that the TV will take up about 4 feet of space on a television stand or entertainment center. If you are looking for a television that is wide, but not too wide, a 55-inch TV may be a good option for you.

When it comes to TVs, size definitely matters. But how wide is a 55-inch TV? Well, the answer actually depends on the type of 55-inch TV you have.

For instance, a traditional CRT TV is going to be much wider than a flat-screen LED TV. On average, a 55-inch CRT TV is around 47 inches wide, while a 55-inch LED TV is only around 30 inches wide. So, if you’re looking for a bigger TV, you might want to stick with the CRT.

Of course, the width of your TV also depends on the brand and model. So, be sure to measure your TV before you buy it to make sure it will fit in your space. In general, though, a 55-inch TV is going to be around 47 inches wide.

So, if you have the space, go for it!

How to Measure Your TVs Screen Size

55 inch tv dimensions in feet

A 55″ TV is going to have a screen that is approximately 47.5″ wide and 26.5″ tall. The width will vary depending on the brand and model of the TV. The height will also vary depending on the brand, but most 55″ TVs will have a height of around 26.5″. The depth of a 55″ TV is going to be around 2.5-3.5″.

How Wide is a 55-Inch TV?


How wide is a 55-Inch TV

A 55-Inch TV is about 12 inches wide.


A 55-inch TV is about four and a half feet wide. This is a common size for many people’s living rooms, as it provides a good viewing experience without being too large or too small. There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a 55-inch TV, such as the resolution, refresh rate, and input options.

Resolution is important for image quality, and 1080p is the standard resolution for most TVs. Refresh rate is important for gaming and action movies, and a higher refresh rate will provide a smoother experience. Input options are important for connecting external devices, and HDMI is the most common input for TVs.

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