How Big is A 65 Inch TV Box

A 65 Inch TV is a big TV. The box that it comes in is also big. You might be wondering how big the box is for a 65 Inch TV.

Here are some measurements for you. The box is 65 inches wide, 36 inches deep, and 8 inches tall.

A 65 inch TV box is pretty big. It’s about the size of a small refrigerator. If you’re planning on buying a 65 inch TV, make sure you have enough space for the box.

You don’t want it taking up too much space in your living room or bedroom.

65 inch tv box dimensions in cm

A 65 inch TV is a television that has a screen size of 65 inches. The actual dimensions of the TV will vary depending on the make and model, but on average, a 65 inch TV is about 57 inches wide and 34 inches tall. The depth of the TV will also vary, but on average, a 65 inch TV is about 10 inches deep.

How Big is a 65 Inch TV Box


How big is a 65 inch TV in the box?

A 65 inch TV in the box is going to be pretty big! The dimensions of the box are going to be approximately 65″ x 36″ x 8″. So, you’ll need a pretty big space to accommodate it.

But, once you get it set up, you’ll be able to enjoy all your favorite shows and movies on a big screen!

How big is the box for a 65 inch LG TV?

A 65 inch LG TV has a box that is approximately 36 inches wide, 20 inches tall, and 6 inches deep. The dimensions of the box may vary slightly depending on the model of LG TV.

Can a 65 in TV fit in a car?

Assuming you are referring to a 65″ television, the answer is yes, a 65″ television can fit in a car. The average car is between 14 and 16 feet long, so a 65″ television would fit length-wise in most cars. The width of a 65″ television is about 58 inches, which is also within the width of most cars. The height of a 65″ television is about 36 inches, which is also within the height of most cars. So, to answer your question, yes, a 65″ television can fit in a car.

How do you transport a 65 inch TV?

When it comes to moving a 65 inch TV, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you’ll need to find a way to secure the TV to prevent it from moving around during transport. Second, you’ll need to choose a method of transport that will protect the TV from damage.

One option for securing a 65 inch TV is to use furniture straps. These straps can be looped around the TV and then attached to a solid object, such as a piece of furniture. This will prevent the TV from sliding around during transport.

Another option for securing the TV is to use packing foam. Packing foam can be cut to size and then placed around the TV. This will provide a cushion for the TV and help to prevent it from being damaged during transport.

When it comes to choosing a method of transport, there are a few options. One option is to use a furniture dolly. This will allow you to roll the TV to its destination.

Another option is to use a hand truck. This will enable you to carry the TV on your shoulder and transport it without damaging it. No matter which method you choose, be sure to secure the TV properly and choose a transport method that will protect it from damage.

With a little care, you can transport your 65 inch TV without any problems.

How to measure a TV and what size TV is right for you


A 65 inch TV box is about the size of a coffee table. It’s not too big or too small, and it’s just the right size for most people. You can put it in your living room or your bedroom, and it will look great.

It’s also a good size for gaming, and you can use it for movies and TV shows.

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